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T•OCS is a full-service association management company (AMC) specializing in governance, management, administration, and support services. T•OCS can offer seamless operational support and advice to your Board of Directors, letting your volunteers focus on strategy and policy.

We can save you a significant amount in operating costs by providing a full range of management services, including a central office, staff, and back-office support.

T•OCS provides your small to medium-sized organization with resources that it might not otherwise find affordable. When you work with us, your organization will have the benefit of our multi-skilled staff, IT tools and shared services structure. We will provide you with key professional support for all your administrative and strategic activities at a fraction of the cost of a full-time staff and office.

Being able to manage your activities within your budget is key. T•OCS’s mission is to provide your organization with the highest quality service at a reasonable cost. Our skilled staff can provide you with all your operational requirements, helping you to keep outsourcing and third-party involvement to a minimum.

T•O Corporate Services has over 20 years of experience as a full service association management company and will work with your team to provide innovative and cost-effective solutions.

Our mission is to provide our association clients with the highest quality service at a reasonable cost. We specialize in governance, administration, finance, websites, events, and membership support services. With our seamless operational support and advice to your Board of Directors, your volunteers can focus on strategy and policy. Our objective is your organization’s success, stability and growth!

As a not-for-profit, you must constantly evaluate your goals and objectives, and management framework that is right for you. Is maintaining office space and a full-time staff cost-effective for your not-for-profit? Are inexperienced volunteers and leadership discontinuity reducing your organization’s productivity? T•OCS has years of experience in solving these dilemmas, and in offering cost-effective solutions.

T•OCS will partner with your team to provide innovative and cost-effective solutions. Our objective is the success of your organization’s activities, and its stability and growth.

Our skilled staff will provide you with professional expertise for all your management requirements, including administration, financial management, board governance, marketing, membership development, desktop and editorial expertise, corporate sponsorship, fundraising, government relations, and special event development, coordination, and management all at a reasonable price.

Each of our clients is unique. At T•OCS, our team can provide you with exactly what you need — when and where you need it!

  • We provide you with the exact formula of what you need in terms of staff support and resources for your association, all under one roof in a conveniently located shared office
  • We aim to streamline any inefficiencies in your operations right from the get go, we tighten budgets and administrative flows, review your IT needs, communications and marketing vehicles, to streamline and improve productivity.
  • Your workflows are “kicked up a notch” and processes revitalized for time efficiency
  • We understand the latest and newest technology, systems and tools, to ensure that you are aware and equipped to respond to key industry changes.
  • We CARE about you and your members as your success becomes our success.
  • We work with the big picture in mind: your members, your goals and your mission.
  • We become YOUR staff. Your success is our mission.

Meet our team

Our team’s diverse backgrounds, strength of character and commitment to excellence are our greatest asset. Get to know our company leaders and subject matter experts.

Lynn Beauregard


Tina Hutchinson

Manager, Events and Special Projects

Pamela Smith

Sr Clinet Coordinator & Governance Officer

Senait Ghebru

Manager, Financial Services

Emily Cloutier

Association Services Manager

Letricia Fullerton

Association Services Manager

Amberly Strauss

Manager of Membership and Marketing

Seare Araya

Manager, IT Services

Blaine Young

Client Services Coordinator